Friday, May 27, 2011

TEN ~Year 2

Hello TEN Dancers,

We regret to announce that due to schedule conflicts, we are not able to have a TEN ~ Year 2 Module on 5/28/11. TEN~ Year 1, Module 2 will still go on as scheduled and TEN ~ Year 2 will be rescheduled at a later time.

Thank you!

Eagle Love to All~

Eagle Katrina

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2011 ~ TEN Module Schedule

Hello and welcome to another amazing year for Ten-Ohio! We are excited about serving the Body of Jesus Christ this year and exalting His Holy Name as we gather dance ministers and would-be dance ministers from every part of Ohio and the surrounding areas.

New this year! TEN- Year 2!!!!

These new Year 2 modules will be taught in conjunction with the Year 1 classes. Year 2 students will join Year 1 students for the 2 hour Dance Technique segment of the workshops and receive their Biblical instruction afterward. Year 2 students will be taught from the John Maxwell Leadership Bible and will focus on the core principles of Leadership as it relates to ministry and every area of your life.

Location and times for all Modules (except Module 5*):

First Love Community Church
251 Hillview Dr.
Reynoldsburg, OH 43068

Year 1 ~ 9am to 1pm
Registration begins at 8:30am

Year 2 ~ 11am to 3pm
Registration begins at 10:30am


The cost is $20 per module, with a one time registration fee of $10. The total for all 5 modules is $100, plus $10 registration fee = $110. Payment can be made up front or can be paid "as you go" at each module.

Here are the Saturday dates for TEN 2011 Modules:

3/12/2011 ~ Module 1 - Old Testament and New Testament; Humility and Servanthood

5/28/2011 ~ Module 2 - Tabernacles of Moses and David; Commitment and Godly Character

6/25/2011 ~ Module 3 - Levitical Priesthood and Garments; Accountability and Integrity

8/6/2011 ~ Module 4 - Elements of Choreography I and Flags; Respect and Prayer

**9/23/2011 ~ Module 5 - Elements of Choreography II and Prophetic Warfare; Responsibility and Positive Attitude

(9/3/2011 ~ Make-up Module.)

**Module 5 will be held at a worship conference in Pennsylvania on 9/23/11.

Each participant who completes all 5 Modules will graduate from TEN and receive a Certificate of Completion. Graduation date TBD.

If you have any questions, please email Eagle Regina or Eagle Katrina at

Please share this information with other dancers as the Lord leads.
We look forward to seeing everyone soon at First Love Church in Reynoldsburg!

Much Eagle love to all,

Eagle Katrina LaRoche